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When it comes to dogs and the internet you really do have the good, the bad and the very ugly. A lot of resources still prescribe training techniques which are harsh, unethical and frankly abusive. This has stemmed from the misrepresentation and distortion of dominance theory which has inaccurately been applied to the domestic dog; contrary to popular belief your dog is not trying to assert any kind of dominance over you. In fact dogs are highly social, highly intelligent and highly emotional animals that form strong bonds with their human family. So to help you access the right information we have listed our favourites! 

Education and General 


The following sites are run by qualified and renowned animal behaviour / training experts

  • Dog Star Daily- general dog information, news and training

  • Patricia world renowned animal behaviourist. Excellent resource 

  • Dog Problems Solved- International puppy expert Gwen Bailey 


Finding a qualified dog trainer 

Sadly this is much harder than you might imagine! The dog training industry is, as yet, unregulated meaning that anyone can call themselves a dog trainer or behaviourist. This is a serious issue for both dogs and owners alike and has led to a proliferation in dubiously ‘qualified’ individuals whom administer advice which ranges from the dodgy to the downright dangerous.  Hopefully this will soon be changing and much needed regulation will come into place but in the meantime if you are looking for a dog trainer or behaviourist (there is a difference between the two) then make sure you go to the ABTC (Animal Behaviour Training Council) website to find one. The ABTC is the overarching body which regulates animal trainers and behaviourists who have met the requisite academic and practical qualifications. By choosing an individual who is listed on the ABTC you can be assured that they use scientific, ethical and effective methods when working with dogs, Coaching Canines is of course on the ABTC register! 

Rescue me!

Every year thousands of healthy dogs in the UK are euthanised for no other reason than they are not wanted. We strongly believe that rescue is best; it is unethical to bring more dogs into the world whilst we cannot care and protect the ones that already exist. So if you are considering adoption the following charities are a great place to start! 

  • The Dogs Trust 

  • The Retired Greyhound Trust 

  • Forever Hounds Trust 

  • Hope for Podencos – amazing charity saving the worlds most abused dog 

  • Spanish Stray Dogs- amazing charity working to rehome dogs from brutal pounds in Spain

  • Benidorm Dog Shelter- Run tirelessly by volunteers

  • Valgrays Border Collie & Animal Rescue 

  • Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare- a wonderful rescue with lots of animals who need homes

  • Blind Dog Rescue UK

  • Many Tears – saving the never ending victims of the puppy trade

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